All in one QR to display at storefronts

Digitalizing the payment cycle and making it faster, smoother and seamless. Bangla QR is fully compliant under the Bangladesh Bank's guidelines.

What is Bangla QR?

Bangla QR as the name suggests, is a QR based solution that enables digital payments that can be used across Bangla QR enabled apps. It is developed by SSLCOMMERZ in collaboration with VISA, with many other prestigious partners recently joining this effort. It is the newest payment acceptance model that businesses in Bangladesh can use to accept money from their end-customers directly into their current account.


Take a look into the features of Bangla QR and the future of digital payments


Bangla QR is a secured payment collection method that facilitates person-to-merchant (P2M) transactions through a QR code.


Bangla QR is the quickest mode for getting payments. The Bangla QR Code payment module has made the payment cycle a lot simpler, enabling cashless electronic payment transactions.

API Integration

Bangla QR account connects with the POS/MIS of the business via API, enabling the automated synchronization of digital payments with the central management of the business.


Monitor vital benchmarks and view analytics essential for the growth of your business.


Transfer funds from your Bangla QR merchant app to your bank account by requesting for settlement.

Transaction Management

Monitor transactions, view receivables, download reports and use analytics to make business decisions.

How It Works

Bangla QR was developed starting from the earliest stage versatility around virtual account transactions at its center, along these lines making it readily usable across different cell phones and applications.

Step 1

Customer installs bank that supports Bangla QR

Step 2

Customer scans the QR code at merchant location

Step 3

Enters the purchase amount after scanning QR code

Step 4

Enters passcode/OTP to authorise and complete payment

Step 5

Merchant directly receives the amount in his bank account


A Bangla QR code is a 2-dimensional barcode but with the capability of carrying 10 times more information. Some of the benefits of a Bangla QR payment are as follows:
  • Eliminates the use of Cash/Credit Cards
  • No Setup Cost
  • No hardware, or hardware maintenance costs
  • Unified Solution – all payments through one channel
  • Secured Payment – card details are not exposed
  • Check Balance anytime anywhere
  • Monitor Multiple Outlet transactions centrally
  • Low Settlement Fees

Supported Banks

  • EBL
  • City Bank
  • MTB
  • Bank Asia

Supported Payment Schemes

  • Visa
  • UnionPay


QR-based payments are broadly embraced by businesses with retail outlets around the world as it makes receiving and accepting payments significantly faster and simpler for them. The adoption of Bangla QR-based payments may likewise replace:
  • Cash-on-delivery
  • POS (Point of Sale) machines
  • Paper receipts

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