One Gateway for all your payment needs

SSLCOMMERZ is an end-to-end payment solution for your business with extensive coverage, seamless integration, and support for multiple channels.

The Easiest Integration Ever

Integrating SSLCOMMERZ is as simple as clicking on checkout. With well documented SDKs, RESTful APIs and plugins available for all the major platforms and languages.

Easy Checkout: Simple way to integrate payments on web and mobile.

Use Easy Checkout and leave the complexities of payment validations, error handling and retry process to us.

Simple to integrate

SSLCOMMERZ is a cross platform payment gateway that can be embedded using a few lines of javascript. No more week long integration woes.

Responsive, works everywhere

Checkout works smoothly across all major platforms and browsers.

Developer Friendly API Documentation

There is no substitute for an easy-to-use high performing bug free developer API, when it comes to providing a great developer experience. Developer experience always starts with providing a reliable API that teams want to work with, and can trust to securely integrate with in no time.

Payment Validation

For initiating payment validation, at first you need to enable HTTP IPN Listener to listen the payments. So that you can update your database accordingly even customer got connectivity issue to return back to your website.

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Transaction Query

You can query your transaction status any time you want. You can check the status of a transaction by the session id just calling the API

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Session Query

Call this API to check the status of a transaction by the Session ID.

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Powerful Dashboard: Power your Finance, Grow your Business

Access and manage your payments, refunds, API keys, users, and everything else.

See Key Statistics

Get access to real-time data and insights to take informed business decisions. View important stats and generate customizable settlement and reconciliation reports.

Easy to Use

We understand that when it comes to managing payments, speed and ease of use is what matters at the end of the day.
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Collect Payments without Redirection

Use a custom script to allow customers to shop right from your website without being redirected. Keep checkout as same as your UI and increase digital payments.

Run Campaigns

  • Create offers at any time with SSLCOMMERZ
  • Run offers for specific banks, card brands and wallets
  • Increase your conversion rate by offering discounts for a limited time period
  • Participate in campaigns organized by SSLCOMMERZ and its payment partners throughout the year

Accept International Payments

Get paid from customers outside Bangladesh and take your business global.